Includes On Season, Off Season and Post competitive Figure and Bikini athletes.

My Contest Prep for Figure and Bikini Coaching Program evolved out of my own realization that not only did I demand more from the competitive experience but my clients demanded more as well. The fusion of life balance with competing was born from my 20 years of being involved in this industry and understanding what success really means as we strive for excellence through physique competition. I challenge my clients in many areas that makes for a successful and enjoyable journey as well as a satisfying show day experience. I utilize my client’s values and passions to ensure a fun, as well as evolutionary competition experience.

My Figure and Bikini Coaching Program is for the competitor that demands personal growth, evolution and life learning from the experiences they encounter through the process of dieting, training and all that is involved with the experience of stepping on stage as a figure or bikini athlete. It is not only about the result on the day of your show that is important to me, but who you are becoming along the journey that matters.

It starts with an honest assessment of your physique aesthetics as well getting a good understanding of where you want to make improvements. Additionally, I will restructure your training and nutrition program to fit your lifestyle, your goals and your metabolism. We will create together the most perfect body while maintaining integrity in all other areas of your life.\r\n\r\nWe speak over the phone once a week to monitor progress and discuss any challenges you may be having. We will go over suit selection and color, tanning, makeup, posing and my programs also come with Skype posing sessions with me. Additionally, my coaching clients may take advantage of my full hypnotherapy library, and I usually start clients off with The Competitive Advantage Hypnosis Series, for complete body and mind integration.

I highly value a stress free contest journey. I prefer to go slow and steady, for many reasons. The first is that your prep will be easier than most people, and the second is that clients that work with me don\’t have the rebound weight gain or disordered thinking about food once their program is done. I am interested in you getting in great shape and winning your competition, but I am equally interested in you having an awesome journey not only before the contest, but after. This is what I have found over time to be the most successful. We all want a quick fix, but there still isn’t one.

Most important to the contest journey, I offer post competition support to help set you up on your new journey whatever that may be. I believe in the importance of keeping in contact with my clients after the show is over, in order to ease you into the post-competition phase. I aim to make this a fun and challenging journey for you, from start to finish. you will receive post competition support to help ease and transition you into a reasonable lifestyle once your show is complete.

Contest Prep Nutrition Program Includes

  • Physique assessment and physique goal targets communicated throughout the program.
  • One hour weekly phone coaching calls or Skype video sessions to update program and trouble shoot any  challenges.
  • Personalized nutrition plan, monitored and updated weekly or as needed to continue progressing toward your competition goal.
  • Personalized workout program updated as often as needed. Form will be checked throughout the program to insure proper training protocols are adhered to.
  • In person or Skype posing sessions to insure a confident and elegant stage performance.
  • Suit selection, shoes, hair, tanning, jewelry, and show registration will all be covered at specific times when needed during the course of your program.
  • Answers to all of your questions along the way to help keep you on track and feeling confident about your prep.
  • Unlimited hypnosis sessions from Nancy\’s extensive hypnotherapy library. Nancy will start you off with the Competitive Advantage Hypnosis Series.
  • Mental techniques and strategies to keep you mentally as well as physically prepared for you big day.

Fill out the Coaching Request Form and let’s start the conversation of taking you to the next level. Once I receive your application, I will be contacting you for a phone session to get the details about your unique story.

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