Testimonials: Linda’s Story

lindatestI have trained with Nancy for the last 6 months and was extremely impressed with the time Nancy took with me to get me ready for my first Figure competition at the age of 53.She made sure I was feeling good emotionally and physically which is so very important.

 A lot of trainers feel you need to suffer in contest prep and I never felt like I had low energy or that I was starving even in the last days of prep!I came into my competition prepped and ready to step on stage!

Nancy’s Skype sessions improved my posing 500%! She taught me how to look elegant on stage and improved my self confidence not just for the stage but in everyday life. I had a incredible experience competing with Nancy! She was with me the whole time back stage with posing and gluing my suit. I didn’t see one other trainer backstage with their girls! Through this wonderful journey Nancy has not only been a trainer but a true friend!

 Linda Flynn

Testimonials: Andrea’s Story

andreatestBesides being an icon in the fitness and bodybuilding industry, I believe Nancy Georges is more than that. I have reached out to her several times over the years after communicating with her years ago on a fitness forum and she has always responded to me with an intelligent and upbeat way of looking at the situation.

It wasn’t until this year I sent her a few emails about my intense contest prep and I wasn’t feeling like myself. She made some suggestions on what her programs offer and I didn’t sign up with her until I got to the point where I thought this was a great option for me to get back on my feet. Nancy’s mental coaching program is exactly what I needed. She’s positive, encouraging, funny and down to earth. I look forward to our Skype sessions and am sad when we have to hang up. This program is one of a kind and not one you can find in your everyday personal trainer or coach. Thank you Nancy for what you do.

Testimonials: Natalie’s Story


When I discovered Nancy Georges’ newsletters I was more than inspired to compete again. I knew she was the person to get me back on track mentally, emotionally, and physically. For the past two contest prep sessions, I’ve had the best experiences on stage! Nancy’s coaching and hypnosis programs not only helped me through my pre-contest days, but through daily life stresses during the off season and he big show day.

Thank You Nancy!

Contest Update: Dani Taylor

I am so proud of my client Dani Taylor for her recent accomplishments. She placed 4th in novice, 3rd in open and 2nd in debut. The most incredible thing about Dani is that she is a vegan. All of the nutrition we did for her contest prep was done with plant based nutrition. I am so proud of you Dani. You are one hard working athlete and deserve all of the success you have achieved. This picture just shows it all!

Lisa’s Success Story

The Journey…Believe in the Process…it is it’s Own Reward.
by Lisa Gore

Healthy BodyIn June 2008, I weighed somewhere above 225lb, I wore a size 18-20
but kept thinking that I was a size 10-12. I wore every slimming appliance I could that wouldn’t suffocate me to death when I tried to fit my own clothes closet. Rock Bottom was when my Dad saw a picture of me from a Wedding and thought I was someone else and exclaimed: ‘Wow! She has really gained weight!!’ I said: “Dad that’s me”. He didn’t know what to say. I choked up but didn’t want him to feel bad, I think lightening reality hit me. It was strange, I was successful in my new job as a Nurse Anesthetist, just finished a
stint in the Army, and was home in Missouri and back with family and friends. But in the gym, I needed new passion! How did I get lost under the fat, the goals, the poor nutrition advice and choices I made? I went to a Figure Competition that fall. I kept thinking ‘I can do this! I want to see my muscle like that.’ I knew I was fat but I didn’t care, I just wanted to take the Leap of Faith.  My inspiration was renewed. The image I had in my head of my goals only appeared in magazines, not in my own mirror! I wasn’t sure how I was going to do it, but I knew I decided that it was time.

I heard something that moved me to tears the other night about how to effect huge change in life: you have to give up everything you ever believed in about yourself to reinvent yourself no matter how long the Journey and in between…there’s Nothing.   I remembered that ‘My nothing’ was a constant barrage of haters, including my trainer telling me I couldn’t get there, that I had the wrong body type, no dedication, I couldn’t follow the diet, Blah, Blah, Blah!! It only made me angry and motivated me to show them and
me that I could do it. There were a few supporters at first but most people truly thought once I did a show I would give up. I needed nutrition help desperately!! I contacted Nancy, and in Nov 14 months later I was
down 60lbs. Stepping onto that stage, I was hooked but my daughter wasn’t there, she wasn’t having anything to do with this foreign thing I was doing in a bikini…her 43 yr old Mom was going to embarrass her! She didn’t come for my 2nd show in Oct 2010, again, even though I was ecstatic to have stepped on stage leaner than ever. The judges were even noticing my changes.

2011 has been challenging. I freaked out when I found that I haHealthy Bodyd
hearing and right balance nerve loss from H1N1 and I hadn’t been able to train legs since June due to knee pain. I did get discouraged in July. I thought about quitting for the first time ever. I cried frustrated tears! Nancy helped me to focus beyond my doubts and fears until I came up with the path that worked to get me the leanest ever by October at the Gateway Naturals. I stepped out, posing my smaller booty off and they announced my 110lb total weight loss. I only heard my daughter, Taylor yelling: “Go Mamma!” My daughter’s support meant the world to me! I received my first top 5 placing ever, the judges were giving me nods, smiles and congratulations. I was very misty-eyed. I made it onto that stage with more muscle than I thought, more definition than last year, and a total package that Taylor (my daughter) understands!  I look at pictures now and truly don’t recognize myself at times, one of my friends thought I was putting my Idol’s pictures up as my profile pictures on FB as inspiration, then realized it was me! Those are the true compliments that tell me the journey is past the nothingness.  I recently signed
with the local Toyota/Scion Dealer for sponsorship and will be going to customer appreciation events and was asked to model for a new clothing line from KC called Mpire. I am honored and humbled. These rewards are priceless at my age. Fit-Fabulous and Forty-Something! Believe me, I am proof that life doesn’t end, you have to be honest and face your denial in order to begin the journey to extraordinary! Thank you for reading my story and to Nancy for this feature!

Mary Newton’s Motivational Journey- Overcoming Life’s Biggest Challenge!

Mary’s Contest Journey
As told by Mary Newton

My name is Mary Newton. I recently took fourth place in the masters 50+ at the Excalibur in culver city. I am 52 years old! I am thrilled to have placed in a fierce show as my competition was very worthy!! Those fifty year olds were HOT!

I met Nancy in 2008. I had become interested in competing. I had gotten into working out and had lost some weight. I had done a show prior to meeting Nancy. I was TERRIBLE. To stringy, awkward, and not very confident! I had never done anything like this! They had nothing like this when I was younger… I married young got into my hairdressing career and I am mother of a son and daughter that are now grown. I currently own my own hair salon. I had always loved challenges and the thought that competing, the pretty suit (with bling no doubt) the cut body, grace and poise intrigued me! So I signed up!

I did 2 more shows and Nancy guided me! She literally taught me how to walk in the heels, how to eat. She monitored my diet, my posing and would listen to me weekly…. I had many insecurities. I learned SO much. She counseled me…. Helped me with confidence building. I felt like a fish out of water, yet I was VERY determined! I didn’t place in either show…. Still had work to do! Little did I know, the lessons I would learn were more than placing in any competition. They were lessons I used to get me through the biggest challenge of my life.

Mary 3 months after chemo

That year I was in the BEST shape! My diet was clean! I continued my workouts and my healthy lifestyle. I knew I had more work to do as far as competing. Life was busy. That September life as I knew it changed. My 23 year old daughter had a lump on her neck. It was thyroid cancer. She had surgery to remove her thyroid and currently is doing fantastic. The end of the year came and I saw my mother that Christmas for the last time as I always had known her. She became I’ll and two days later went to the hospital where she would spend her last 6 weeks. If life was not stressful enough I went in for my yearly mammogram that January. February 2, 2009 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Mom died on the 7th. I underwent a mastectomy . I felt numb. I learned the week after the surgery that the cancer (stage 2) had traveled to my lymphatic system. Damn it…. I had to have chemotherapy. As part of my treatment. It was determined I would have four rounds! (I was again lucky)

Oh no!!! I was about to lose my HAIR! And I did! Very humbly. Well I’m here to tell you the lessons!!! A healthy lifestyle is your best friend. I worked out all the way through! At least if it was only cardio. I couldn’t do upper body for some time so I did what I could. I put my do rag on and dragged my butt to the gym everyday! I was VERY lucky. The chemo didn’t make me physically sick. They have wonderful anti nausea medications that worked well for me. I kept up with my diet by eating clean. It wasn’t easy but doable. I had to keep my salon running. No disability for self employed people. I bought wigs that were cute. Not fun to be bald and be a hairdresser. I sucked it up. Oh believe me, I cried MANY tears. I’ve always been a bit competitive and I wasn’t going to let cancer win if I had ANY control at all!

NPC Excalibur 2011 4th Place Masters 50+

Time has passed! Just about 3 years! After treatment I went through another year of reconstructive surgery! I’ve learned time is your friend! Hair grew back. I have reconstructive new breasts! I am happy to now be competing in figure! I’m a lot calmer about being on stage now! I still am working on stage fright! But through the journey I’m able to accept myself better. I’m not nearly as hard on myself. Yes, I’m still working on that walk! Always trying to improve! But I wear my scares with pride. Those scares represent life! New beginnings! To me life is about reinventing and NEVER giving up!!

Nancy had written….sometimes when you win, you lose–and sometimes, when you lose–you win! I really get that now. Sometimes good things come in not so pretty packages. That’s how I feel about my cancer. I’ve really learned so much about the human spirit! If there is something you want to do… DO it! The sky is still the limit as long as you accept yourself and work hard! My key for success is my healthy lifestyle. Nancy, my coach is a very strong lady. She has helped me to accept myself! She is STRONG and supportive. I’m happy to know her! Well a new year is upon us! Thinking about doing a few more shows! And my new goal is…. Have some fun with it!!!!

September 2012 Newsletter: Competitor Spotlight Debra Ricci

I normally save stories that relate to competition for my competitor’s newsletter on the first of the month. This month, I have chosen to share with you a special success story in that this journey started as a personal quest for excellence and continued on as a competition experience.

Many people who are far off the mark make it a goal to compete. Debra is an example of someone who made it a goal to get in shape first, then decided to get in amazing shape in order to step on stage for a show. Debra is an example of a client who followed all instructions to the letter, who never faltered in self discipline or self determination. She is self motivated and that is what makes her story so incredible.

As a coach, I can pave the way for anyone but I cannot inject the secret ingredient that no-one really speaks about and that is self motivation. Debra has that, and because of her self motivation the seemingly difficult journey of getting on stage to compete, was an easier journey than expected.

At the time I called it a diet… it’s now become my way of life.
By Debra Ricci

Back in 2002 right after graduating from high school the fun began, the partying, the drinking, the late night eating at the diner after the clubs would close. However, the fun didn’t last long after I started noticing the weight gain, I knew I needed to make a change or it would just get worse and harder as I got older. I made a change right then and there. My weight in 2002 was somewhat around 150lbs, I am 4’11. I was always tiny growing up because all I did was roller skate 4 times a week. I lived at the roller skating rink from age 3 up until age 16 when I thought I was too cool to go roller skating anymore.

January 2002 was when I changed my life. I started going to the gym consistently and I didn’t leave the gym until I burnt 600 calories on the elliptical machine. Living at home I had to buy my own food and not eat what my mother would cook for meals because I knew they weren’t healthy for me. My family was not supportive of my weight loss; I was often called hateful names by them. I did my best to shut out the hurtful names, and when they would say things to hurt my feelings, I would just leave and go to the gym. There were times where I would be in the gym twice a day because I knew I had to do this for me, and the hurtful names I was called just made me push harder, not turn to bad eating habits.

Six months went by and people started noticing that I was losing weight and the compliments started coming. It was a great feeling that people were actually noticing and that gave me more power to push even harder! I dropped 50lbs over the course of 2 years on my own without the help of a personal trainer or nutritionist and started becoming very addicted to the gym, working out and eating healthy, but it wasn’t until 2012 that I really took my fitness to the extreme! People always asked me how I did it, and if I ever thought of doing a competition, my response was “I did it by eating right, and working out, I did it the right way, and yes I have thought about doing a competition, it’s on my life list.” I sat back and said to myself, “what am I waiting for, why don’t I do a competition.” That’s when I made the decision and said “Debra you’re going make it happen this year.”

In April 2012 I had my first conversation with Nancy, I was weighting in at 105lbs, and we set a competition date for September 8, 2012. Nancy was extremely helpful, and I am the type of person who will fully execute any plan that I am given. I stuck to my diet and workouts and didn’t let temptation affect me. I would still go out to dinner with friends, but I most certainly packed my own food and brought it with me! Competition prep was all new to me, yes I was used to eating pretty healthy, and working out, but the structure and preparing all my food at home was all brand new to me, and it’s very time consuming. During competition prep I really didn’t have much of a life, and I am very thankful for the friends I have because they understood I had a goal I was working towards and they never had anything negative to say. I had a lot of loving and supportive people in my life this time around, versus back when I started to lose weight in 2002. However, I occasionally heard the comments like “you’re too skinny, why are you doing this to yourself, you’re going to end up in the hospital, and we like the thick Debra and now you’re the crazy fit Debra.” I had to explain myself when I really didn’t feel like it.

During competition prep I fully executed my diet and workout program to the best of my ability. I was nervous and excited for my 1st competition. Nancy was there every step of the way, from teaching me and educating me on why I was eating the foods I was eating, and what my body would go through, to the posing practice and building up my confidence to get on stage. Competition day came and I placed 3rd for my height class. I was beside myself, I didn’t think I would place in the Top 3, I was ecstatic!

I am now in my “off season” because I know that there are areas that I need to improve on before hitting the stage again in 2013. My 1st competition was just the beginning of many more for me. I will continue to compete and I am hoping to get to a National Show in July 2013. I remind myself and tell others all the time that “If you believe you can achieve.”

Testimonials: Mary’s Story

maryNancy was such a sound, calming force both during competition season as well as during my recurring and debilitating back injury which prevented me from reaching my fitness goals as a competitor. She is a woman of incredible depth and breadth of all aspects of the health and fitness industry. Her expertise in the world of the “psychology” of food, dieting, and keeping the “life/work/competing” balance is invaluable. Those of us “veterans” who have been doing this awhile know there are many “layers” in the fitness industry, especially when one chooses to take it to the “next level”.

I truly value her “life lessons” which she taught me and have a special “Nancy Journal” which I still refer to.


October 2011 Newsletter: Competitor’s Spotlight Loree’s Contest Journey

Competing, whether in fitness, figure or bikini is an individual endeavor. However, when we meet someone who is challenged in a similar way as we are, we become very inspired by their commitment and dedication to this endeavor of physique perfection. We also become inspired by their ability to get the job done when it seems like we are struggling to do so.

I have had the great privilege and opportunity to work with Loree during her contest preparation. She is an inspiration to all women working in very demanding careers that takes a significant amount of mental as well as physical energy. Loree was able to tend to her business while training and preparing for competition.

From the first session I met with Loree to the last, her physique transformed dramatically. And even from when I last saw her, very soon before her show to when she stepped on stage, she had made even more detailed improvements.

Loree went on to win the Master’s 35 and over 1st place in figure B as well as second in figure B in the open class. Loree is a testament to how hard work and dedication earns you the rewards you seek.

This month, I am dedicating my newsletter to Loree’s story. I hope you find inspiration and motivation that you too can continue on this path to success, as you define it.

Motivation- Loree’s Contest Journey

Stop talking about it and just be about it…my journey to fitness
by Loree Johnson

LoreeDays have passed since I stepped on stage for the very first time and I continue to struggle to capture what this experience has been like for me. I look at my competition photos and do a double take. I ask myself repeatedly “Is that really me?” It might seem like a silly (cliché-ish) question to ask oneself, but it’s true.

I have always prided myself on being an intellectual, and therefore I felt a little embarrassed to share my decision to compete. Would people think I’m too vain? But this competition was never about vanity for me.

My journey toward competition has been long and varied. My journey to fitness did not begin with a desire to compete. Over the years, I gained weight, lost weight, and gained weight again. I valued being physically fit, however I never fully understood the proper balance between nutrition and exercise to achieve my goal. Like most women, I have also had a long and complicated relationship with my body, which centered around that number on the scale.

For many years, I was on autopilot. My twenties and early thirties were devoted to completing my education and establishing my career. I completed a doctoral program in Marriage and Family Therapy. I became licensed in two states. I launched a private practice with two thriving office locations by the age of 36. I was driven (and still am).

My career as a professional who helps others has always been rewarding. I delight in my clients’ successes and in knowing I played some part in inspiring and supporting them in achieving their personal and/or professional goals. However, along the way of helping other, I lost sight of myself. I lost my focus on eating properly and I neglected exercising, especially as the challenges of maintaining a work/life balance became a daily reality. I sought more comfort in eating instead of physical activity. Even as I talked about the importance of balance with my clients, I struggled in my own right.

After watching a dear friend compete for the first time at the age of 40, I decided to stop talking about changing my body and my nutrition and decided to actually start doing something about it. Many competitors, who offered words of encouragement along the way, noted how I was about to embark on a journey in which I would learn a lot about myself. I kept asking myself, “What did they mean?” I had already gone through so many hurdles in life that had tested my strength and fortitude. Surely a little training would not be any more of a challenge than what I had already endured. I could not have been more wrong. I woke up at 5am for four straight months to hit the gym for at least two hours before heading into the office for a ten hour day (not including my commute). I was exhausted as I sat and listened to my clients as they recounted their personal struggles. At times I became frustrated because of my own fatigue. But through all of this, I remained determined.

Loree 2nd picDuring my training there were times I felt like crying and there were times when I actually wiped away a few tears, but I still pushed myself to finish my workout. I could be upset (or mad, sad, insert any feeling here), but I had to be upset while doing what I needed to nurture me. I was tired, cranky, and wanted to give up, but I refused, which is symbolic of how I live my life. I may get discouraged and a little derailed, but I always get back on track. There’s something invigorating about challenging your body, thinking that you can’t push any further yet harnessing a little more strength from deep within – taking yourself to the limit to find out what you’re really made of.

I also looked to other competitors in the field for support and inspiration, such as Earnestine Shepherd, a woman who discovered bodybuilding in her 50’s and Teresa Anthony, a professional figure competitor, who works as a contractor for NASA. These women personify strength and muscularity with style and grace. I was also fortunate to work with two individuals who guided me at different points along my competition journey: my nutritionist, Dr. Philip Goglia, and my posing coach, Nancy Georges. Their experience, insight and encouragement were invaluable.

Most importantly, I looked to one person whose support was priceless – my partner, Michael. Through the early morning training sessions (yes, he trained right along with me), the adventures of changing meal plans from week to week, and the ups and downs of life, he offered words of encouragement and reminded me of the commitment I made to myself.

Through this process, I connected with the strength that I had lost sight of and I stayed connected to the commitment I made to myself, which I had often sabotaged in the past. Stepping on stage was the culmination of my following through on that commitment. It was rewarding to finally stop talking about it and just be about it.