Team Mind Strong Athlete Focuses on Mindfulness

mentaltraining2This week in the Team Mind Strong Athlete Members area we are focusing on mindfulness as well as anxiety reduction and relaxation. I know I am like a broken record with this thing. But the truth of the matter is once we master mindfulness, we can master any mental skill. If we want to be able to visualize our goals, regulate our emotions, streamline our focus, or let go of what is out of our control, the key step is mindfulness.

Just like when you start your diet, you first get rid of the cookies and junk food. That is the way I see mindfulness, an important foundation to our upcoming mental skills.

I have added a video and audio practice on mindfulness and I also have videos and worksheets. the worksheets will first help you to assess your anxiety level, second, establish your current relaxation resources, and create new ones, and finally to help you focus on what is important, controlling the controllables.

Feel free to email me any or all of your worksheets and I will provide you email feedback. For coaching clients we will discuss in our next coaching call the worksheets and how we will be incorporating those into your mental training program.

And if you are not already a member, what are you waiting for? Team Mind Strong Athlete is the only contest prep team that focus not only on your body but your mind.

Here is what I do specifically, I help figure, bikini and physique athletes who struggle with confidence, body image and distorted thoughts, and instead want to feel empowered, self-assured and mentally strong.

Check out the focus of the week here:

Mindfulness Practice Sunday 11 am

Calling all athletes: My next Mindfulness for Athletes session is quickly approaching. Join us this Sunday the 20th at 11am at my office in Sacramento for an hour of mindfulness practice.

Mindfulness for Athletes Mindfulness Practice Session

Sunday, Nov 20, 2016, 11:00 AM

Nancy’s office in Sacramento
2740 Fulton Ave Sacramento, CA

3 Mindful Athletes Attending

Mindfulness for Athletes Mindfulness Practice SessionThis is a brand new mindfulness community for self-defined athletes of all types. Whether you are a swimmer, dancer, runner, volley ball player, or gym rat, the aim of the Mindfulness Practice is to help us to become more present in our day to day lives and as a result, become better athletes.T…

Check out this Meetup →

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Using Cue Words to Stay Motivated

Woman Doing Yoga Exercises In Gym, Sport Fitness Girl Sitting Lotus PoseUsing Cue Words to Stay Motivated
Lately I have been playing around with the voices in my head. OK, I admit, that sounds rather strange, but follow me for a minute. We all talk to ourselves. I think I probably talk to myself non-stop throughout the day when I am not engaged in an actual conversation with another person. I would love to have a transcript of all the things I say to myself throughout the day. I am guessing I am not alone on this.

Do you talk to yourself? What does the voice sound like? Is it generally pleasant, or it is mean and critical? One way we have a positive effect on our goals is by changing up the way we talk to ourselves, using cue words. I will admit, I won’t be able to change all the negative voices in your head in one article, however, cue words are a very effective way to easily help us stay on track with our goals.

Here is an example of how the process of developing cue words can work. This week I have been rather busy studying for finals. When I study, I feel extra snacky. I want snacks!!! The café cookies and brownies were looking extra good this day. I took a moment to check in with my body and really connect with my cravings. Urge surfing is a technique that I walk through with my clients in session that have challenges with snacking. So I checked in with my body and I said to my body, what is this feeling? Then I noticed I said to myself: “I feel unsettled.” I took a deep breath and did some brief mindfulness and I said to myself “Settle in.” Ahhhhh!! Instantly I relaxed and felt better. I repeated settle in a few times and the craving went away.

Now you can use this technique to help with cravings, to motivate yourself for a workout, or any other behavior that you are wanting a little extra motivation with. Cue words are usually used in a performance context, but I tweaked it, because those of us on a fitness journey of sculpting our bodies have additional challenges with our sport or lifestyle when it comes to hunger.

Step 1: Identify an area that you want to have more motivation with. It could be to workout, to eat healthy.

Step 2: Connect with the feeling. It is good to do this in real time. For example, if you are not wanting to go to the gym, do this right then on the spot. Check in with your feeling and ask yourself: “What is this feeling about?” Or something like that. Take a few moments to connect with it.

Step 3: Take a few nice deep breaths and you wait for the communication from your body. Relax into whatever the feeling is.

Step 4: Identify a cue word based on how you feel. For example, I was feeling unsettled, so I said to myself settle in.

Step 5: Repeat your cue word several times to test the effectiveness. If it is not very strong, repeat the steps and create a new cue word.

Step 6: Write your cue word down and use it as often as you like for similar situations.

That’s it, that’s all there is to it. I hope you enjoy this technique and find it helpful especially now at a very tempting time of the year. I like to say, if you can eat healthy this time of year, you can do it anytime.

Also be sure to visit my audios if you are wanting some extra motivation in this potentially challenging time of the year. Here is the link:

And if you are interested in some personalized attention, check out my customized programs. I would be happy to offer you a complete custom nutrition plan along with all the mental tricks custom to your situation. 

Until next time,

Nancy Georges

IFBB Figure Pro
Contest Prep Coach
Mental Game Coach

Mental Exercise for Creating Your Future

There is always a point at the start of dream creation where we say to ourselves: “No way can I do this, this goal is too big.” But we want it nonetheless. Eventually we start to believe the “lies” we tell ourselves that we can do it, and even further on down the road, we begin to make our dreams a reality.
Your future self, is looking at you right now. It knows you don’t believe in you. But your future self, knows you WILL accomplish your goal. Have faith in your future self, and do the work to move you in the direction of your goal. Do what it takes, belief will come later. Don’t wait to believe, take action and grow into the belief.
I created a mental skills visualization to help you step into your future before it arrives. Check out the link.
Don’t wait to believe. Take action and grow into the belief.
I hope you have enjoyed this exercise. Please feel free to email me topics that you would like covered for future articles. I love to hear from you your ideas and suggestions.

Strength comes from seeing the sunshine in your darkest hour.

I am strong, AND I am weak. I do not try to eliminate any part of me. No part gets left behind at the expense of inflated self-worth. I feel my self-worth, even when I am doubting. I feel my worth in my pain, and in my success. Without the struggles, there is no understanding of where to grow. Triumph is not possible without self-understanding, self-reflection, and personal development.

I have faith in my dreams, even when they seem far away? Why? Because I put them there, therefore, they are mine to nurture and grow. My only job is to enjoy the process of growing into my dreams.

Some days are easier than others. When it is difficult, I remind myself, there is a season for everything. Embrace all of you! Negative emotions exist to let us know an important message. Listen, learn, grow and step into what you designed in your mind, and make that a reality.

Love to you all! Let’s make our dreams happen!

Self-Improvement Starts in Our Minds

When striving to reach our goals we often have an all or nothing mentality. If yesterday was not perfect, we can tend to perseverate on that imperfection, forgetting that today is a new day to make improvements.

Improvement is not usually all or nothing, rather small baby steps that move us little by little in the direction of our goals. What one thing can you change about today, that will move you in the direction of your goals? Little by little, make a change.

Mindfulness for Athletes: Practice session Tuesday Oct 11th at 7pm

My next Mindfulness for Athletes practice session is Tuesday October 11th at 7:00pm at my office in Sacramento. I have 4 spots open. If you are an athlete of any kind and you are in the Sacramento area, please feel free to join other athletes for an hour of mindfulness, Tuesday October 11th at 7pm at my office in Sacramento. CLICK below to register:


Focusing on Your Strengths

As appreciators of physical and mental excellence, it is easy for us to get overly involved in focusing on weakness. This is especially true for those of us who compete or simply want to improve a body part or two. Instead of looking at how beautiful our biceps are, we tend to focus on that belly, or that little extra fat in the bum. It makes sense because part of how we got to the level of excellence we are at is by looking at flaws and working on improving them.

But what if we play just for a minute with our strengths? What would that be like if you knew your strengths? What if you could tap into those strengths at a moment’s notice whenever you were feeling down on yourself or in a bit of a rut? Sometimes we can get obsessive and our negative focus takes a downward spiral and we have trouble digging ourselves out of a hole. But, if we know our strengths, then we can tap into those and utilize them to empower us and make our lives better in a more enriching way.
So here are some ideas to tap into your strengths and find out what it is you are really good at.
  1. Think about a time when you were most like you?
    What were you doing? What were you experiencing? What qualities did you poses when you were most like you? Write it out if you like and get a really good idea. Jot down maybe 5-10 characteristics or strengths that you really felt resonated with you during this time.
  2. Answer the following questions:
    What are you good at? What do people compliment you on? What are you most proud of about your personality?
  3. How do you get through challenging times?
    Think about a time when you were challenged. How did you overcome this challenge? What resources did you access in order to pull yourself out and get through this challenging situation? Write out 5-10 different strengths that you used to help yourself in this situation.
  4. Create a top 10 character strengths.
    Much like we create a list of values, we can also create a list of strengths so that we can be contentious of them at any moment and use them as a resource to empower us.
  5. Take the Character Strengths Survey:
    The survey is based on the work of Martin Seligman and Positive Psychology. It is an empirically tested list of the top 24 character strengths universal to humans. There are no weaknesses according to the model, only strengths that you identify with more and strengths you identify with less.
Focusing on our strengths allows us to tap into our natural resources when we are in a bind. Understanding our strengths is the first step to using them. When we utilize our strengths we feel more empowered to live the life that we choose.

2nd Mindfulness for Athletes Practice Session Added

I have just announced a second Mindfulness for Athletes Meet-up. My first one filled up in 24 hours, so I opened another session. If you are an athlete of any kind and you are in the Sacramento area, please feel free to join other athletes for an hour of mindfulness. Wednesday September 21st at 7pm at my office in Sacramento.