Mental Exercise for Creating Your Future

There is always a point at the start of dream creation where we say to ourselves: “No way can I do this, this goal is too big.” But we want it nonetheless. Eventually we start to believe the “lies” we tell ourselves that we can do it, and even further on down the road, we begin to make our dreams a reality.
Your future self, is looking at you right now. It knows you don’t believe in you. But your future self, knows you WILL accomplish your goal. Have faith in your future self, and do the work to move you in the direction of your goal. Do what it takes, belief will come later. Don’t wait to believe, take action and grow into the belief.
I created a mental skills visualization to help you step into your future before it arrives. Check out the link.
Don’t wait to believe. Take action and grow into the belief.
I hope you have enjoyed this exercise. Please feel free to email me topics that you would like covered for future articles. I love to hear from you your ideas and suggestions.

Are You Curious How to Get Started with Mental Training?

Are you new to Mental Training? One way to start is through meditation, or hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy is a relaxing way to allow your unconscious mind to release limiting beliefs that get in your way, without any effort, all while relaxing. Check out my hypnotherapy offerings for competitive figure, bikini, fitness and physique athletes for more info. You train your body like a champion, but what about your mind?

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