Progressive Relaxation MP3 Just Added

Progressive Relaxation MP3 just added to the Team Mind Strong Athlete Resource Center. Get access to all Team Mind Strong Athlete content for only $19.95 a month.

Progressive Relaxation is a fundamental mental skill of most elite athletes. It is through our ability to regulate our arousal level that allows us to thrive under pressure.

The diet and training is challenging enough, couple that with encroaching show date and you potentially have a fire storm of heated emotions running wild. The Progressive Relaxation MP3 will allow you to rest and unwind in the comfort of your favorite resting spot, whether that is your cozy bed or a comfy hammock in your back yard, or your favorite park.

Get your emotions under control, learn the skill of relaxation, before you are in crisis, that way when a stressor happens you are more equipped to deal with the situation.

This relaxation session is a little under 10 minutes. Progressive Relaxation Mental Exercise is great for when you need to relax and unwind. It is perfect, for when you want to get into a great state of mind for your upcoming competition.


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