Creating Flow Experiences

How do you create a flow experience? As an athlete it is just as important to do our mental training as it is to do our physical training. Here are the elements of flow:

1. The task you are taking on is a match to your skill level. Is what you are taking on too hard, or too easy? If so, flow is more challenging.

2. You become one with your movement. Whether you are working out in the gym or participating in an event, you seem to meld into and become one with what you are doing.

3. You have a clear focus on your goals and your intention is focused as well.

4. You are free from distractions. Although you may be aware of external factors, they seem to be blurred and fall by the wayside and irrelevant variables.

5. You feel in control and yet as if you don’t need to be controlling. Everything you are doing feels effortless.

6. Your internal dialog is positive, supportive and uplifting.

7. Time distortion. It may slow down or speed up.

8. You are greatly enjoying what you are doing. The process is the reward and there is almost no need for an external reward, trophy, prize or acknowledgement from people you care about.

Getting into flow states can be trained through Psychological Skills Training. Interested in learning more? check out my Inner Athlete Coaching Program for details.



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