Strength comes from seeing the sunshine in your darkest hour.

I am strong, AND I am weak. I do not try to eliminate any part of me. No part gets left behind at the expense of inflated self-worth. I feel my self-worth, even when I am doubting. I feel my worth in my pain, and in my success. Without the struggles, there is no understanding of where to grow. Triumph is not possible without self-understanding, self-reflection, and personal development.

I have faith in my dreams, even when they seem far away? Why? Because I put them there, therefore, they are mine to nurture and grow. My only job is to enjoy the process of growing into my dreams.

Some days are easier than others. When it is difficult, I remind myself, there is a season for everything. Embrace all of you! Negative emotions exist to let us know an important message. Listen, learn, grow and step into what you designed in your mind, and make that a reality.

Love to you all! Let’s make our dreams happen!


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