Figure and Bikini Contest Prep and Off-Season Nutrition Coaching Back by Your Demand

You guys are going to keep harassing me until I bring nutrition coaching back aren’t you? I have to say, it has been very unexpected and also I have to say I have really missed the nutrition aspect of contest prep. So now you have it. Nutrition coaching for contest prep, off-season and non-competitors is back. Thanks for the motivation, and for missing me.

You can get nutrition coaching combined with mental coaching, or mental coaching alone or nutrition alone. I think this way will make everyone happy and also help me to bring to the fitness community the much needed resource of mental skills. What I am really most interested in is helping you to have a confident and successful journey that feels empowering and takes you to the next level, mind and body. Getting in amazing shape should be an evolutionary process that empowers you and helps you in all areas of life.

Give me a shout if you are wanting nutrition, I have a few openings, here is the link for more info:

Offering Figure contest prep coaching, bikini contest prep coaching, figure and bikini off-season coaching and non-competitor nutrition.



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