Do I Deserve It?

Do I deserve it? Often we say we want something, then we pull back. We flinch away from it. There is this dance we do, of thinking we deserve it, then don’t deserve it. We are not really sure. Ambivalence, then causes it to take longer because we are half in, and half out, instead of all in. When we are half in, then we say, see, I knew it wasn’t coming. But, when we are all in, the arrival of our vision, our dream, our desire, becomes irrelevant. We have so much fun opening up to it, that as we move towards it, if feels like it has already arrived.

What can you do today, to release incongruency? How can you allow in what you tell yourself you want? How can you open up to it fully and allow it to come to you?

You deserve everything you desire. You are meant to make what is in your heart a reality. When it feels big, get support, but don’t flinch away from it. It is yours, receive the dream, then do the work to make it happen.


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