The Mental Edge: Mindset For Peak Performance

My apologies for not getting a newsletter out for January and February. 2016 has already been an extremely busy year. I am just putting the finishing touches on my gorgeous office in Sacramento. I will have more info on this in my newsletter next month. I am very excited about offering Sports Performance Coaching in person, where you can get live hands-on coaching and hypnotherapy for peak performance. I am hoping to do a video newsletter next month from my office.

This month I want to focus on peak performance. The trend of spring is for many athletes to start getting ready for competition. But how do you focus on mental excellence when there seems to be so many distractions that are pulling for your attention? For those of you mentally getting focused, this newsletter is for you.

Mindset For Peak Performance

Deciding to commit to the mental side of being an athlete is not for everyone. It means no more excuses, no more blaming others, and no more waiting for someone to give you a pep talk to motivate you to work out. It means doing what needs to be done regardless of whether you want to or not. But as many people know, I am not one for suffering. I aspire to commit to excellence AND enjoy the process completely. I have a few secrets for success. They are simple in principle, but not so easy to master. Here they are, just in time to boost your level of excellence above and beyond what you thought was possible.

  1. Commit to Excellence: Just words on a page, commit to excellence. But what does that really mean? It means going to the gym when you are tired, prepping your food when you are busy, getting your sleep when you want to watch a movie, saying no to activities that go against your goals. Sometimes committing to excellence can be lonely. It’s that little voice in your head that says: “You can relax and take a break, no-one will know.” It is ignoring that voice and doing the work anyway. It is doing what needs to be done without needing accolades from others that you made your meals for a day, or got through one workout. Committing to excellence is an internal state of mind and no external high fives will offer peace of mind. The only peace of mind is laying your head on your pillow at night, knowing in your heart, you did what you could to achieve your goal.
  2. Make peace with the process: When I am dieting I am in love with the process. I love prepping my food, organizing my supplements, and preparing myself for the day. I make peace with getting a little less sleep so I can do my morning cardio. I make peace with the several hours a day it takes to make my food. I make peace with the late night workouts. The process becomes my friend. Embrace the process and your journey will become magical.
  3. PMA – Positive Mental Attitude: I learned about PMA when I was on the high school swim team and we beat a team that had been undefeated for over 20 years. Our coach instilled a belief in us that we could do it. Believe in yourself and have a positive attitude. Your journey will be more enjoyable and more successful. It’s ok to not believe you can do it, keep on doing the work anyway and allow your mind to develop into the belief that you will accomplish your goal. One step at a time and you will go from being not sure if you can, to thinking you can, to knowing you can. Hey, that sounds a bit like The Little Engine That Could. 
  4. Talk it out: When in doubt, talk it out. Sometimes we just need someone to listen to us. We need a safe place to go to feel supported and listened to. Find the people that support you and be sure to reach out when you are in need of a little understanding. It is no secret that I see a sports psychologist, and have for almost a year now. This support has meant the world to me. To be able to talk about my goals and dreams and frustrations along the way has been priceless.
  5. Have fun: If it is not fun, I am not doing it. Sometimes if we are really pushing up against a brick wall, w need to take a step back and really check in and ask ourselves, how can we have fun with this process? Can we have fun? What needs to change in my attitude? How can I enjoy myself while striving for peak performance?

I hope you have found my top 5 mindset tricks helpful. Let me know if any of them resonated with you, or if you have one of your own that you would like to share. I would love to hear from you. Until next month,



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