Concluding Video: Pre-contest Diet Without a Contest

The Power of Choice!
Pre-contest dieting -vs- Lifestyle Dieting

I guess it is true that all good things must come to an end. I have enjoyed the discipline and dedication that doing a pre-contest diet has offered me. I really do miss competing. I had to transition into lifestyle, and I will speak a little bit about that in my concluding video.

Lifestyle eating is the phase that I have transitioned to now. I tell my clients that this is a good phase to be in when your focus shifts to other areas. I like to be cognizant of what I am doing, whether it is pre-contest dieting, lifestyle dieting, or the all-out eat what I want plan. (Yes, I have done this). My point being, making a conscious decision about your eating plan really puts you at choice. It gives you the power and clarity of what you have decided to do. This philosophy has kept me relatively free from drama as it relates to food. I always know what phase I am in at any given moment and that makes eating easy to plan and easy to think about.
Here is my concluding video of my pre-contest diet without a contest:

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