Week 7: Pre-contest diet without a contest

How Can We Treat Our Bodies with Integrity and Respect?

I am 7 weeks in to my pre-contest diet without a contest. I didn’t do a week 5 or week 6 video, and I explain why in the week 7 video.

This week the focus is on being in our bodies with integrity and respect. We are more than just an outer shell to be working toward sculpting external perfection. Respecting our bodies in every way is on my mind this week.

Also, I know I sent an invitation out there a few weeks ago to explore emotions, and this week I talk about the window of tolerance and how to have a healthy experience with exploring emotions.

Here is week 7:

I love your feedback. Please let me know what comes up for you after watching week 7. Also, I am committed for 12 weeks, so please feel free to message me what you would like for me to talk about next week.



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