August 2015: Creating Your Own Best Path

Social comparison is a fact of life. We often look to others to provide us with examples of how we want to live our life. This is especially true when we know we want something, but we can’t quite get a clear image in our minds of it. Looking for a good role model is a great way of helping us to move in the direction of our goals, and more importantly, when we see someone else successful at something, it is easier for us to believe that we do can do it.

The challenge with role models is often we neglect to personalize it to meet our own needs, goals, dreams, and visions. Role models, coaches, and mentors are great for inspiration, but the trick is to stay in tune with our inner song and customize the behavior we are modeling to suit our goals and dreams.

Following is a step by step format for utilizing a role model, while staying true to your own heart. Get out a piece of paper if you are interested in excelling in some specific area in your life right now.

First: Take a moment to think about where in your life you would like to have more success? Do you want to be more physically fit, emotionally fit, and socially fit? What area are you currently interested in excelling in?

Second: Who can be a role model for you? Who is someone that you know has taken action in a similar way and has achieved success in this specific area?

Third: What do you imagine this person values in order to function in this specific way to achieve the level of success that they have?

Fourth: What does this person necessarily have to believe about themselves and the world in order to make this level of success happen?

Fifth: What behaviors did this person do, or is this person currently doing in order to achieve and/or maintain this level of excellence?

Sixth: What values of yours are similar to your role model? What beliefs would you like to embody? And finally, what specific behaviors can you do right now that will move you in a similar direction, but on your own personal path?

Seventh: Go do it.

Thank you so much for your wonderful emails. I love hearing from you regarding what topics you are interested in be discussed as well as how you are growing and getting better and better in so many areas of life. Thank you for taking time out of your busy day to focus on self-improvement and self-empowerment. I hope you have a wonderful month.



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