Eating Disorders in the Fitness Industry Webinar

sadEating Disorders in the Fitness Industry webinar info is now live. Registration is now open.

Please spread the word about this important event. National Eating Disorders Awareness Week.

It’s National Eating Disorder Awareness Week. In honor of this important subject matter, I will have a webinar to tackle the tough issues such as causes, triggers and treatments of eating disorders. A special consideration will be given to competitive athletes. It is a fine line between discipline and delusion. Let’s have the discussion here, in our fitness community.

No-one outside of our community quite understands the hard work and dedication we have to our sport. However, many of us have crossed the line into dark territory all in the name of being an athlete. Let’s make sure our competitive efforts are healthy.

Early detection and prevention are paramount. There are warning signs in the fitness industry for competitive athletes that we need to look for, within ourselves and our fellow athletes, clients and team members. Treating an eating disorder is not a one person show, it takes an entire team to come to the aid of the person afflicted with this disease.

I am looking forward to you joining me to talk about this important issue and how it affects the fitness community.

Nancy Georges
IFBB Figure Pro


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