Congruency Coaching Circle: Reduce Internal Conflict and make 2015 your best yet!

Congruency Coaching CircleHappy 2015! I am super excited for all that I have planned to create this year. I am starting this year off with a bang with my newest eBook: The Congruency Continuum. I will be doing a SIX week coaching circle in conjunction with the eBook. I am very excited for all that I am able to include in this program.

Setting goals is simply the first step, after that we need to get congruently lined up with our goals. In the Six Week Congruency Circle, I will be taking a small group of ten people, and we will be taking your top 3 goals and making sure that you are congruent so that they not only appear on a piece of paper, but are brought into the real world.

This program is a series of 6 weekly phone coaching calls along with lots of goodies handed out each week. Including my new book: The Congruency ContinuumThe Congruency Continuum, Starting Your Journey hypnosis session, Stress release hypnosis session, Release Negative Emotions hypnosis session, Healthy Body hypnosis session and more. I will conclude the six week course with many ways you can test for congruence including using the pendulum. FUN STUFF!!! If you only get congruent about one thing right now, make it be taking this course. I promise you, you will be glad you did. Register today, I am only taking on a small group of ten.


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