December 2014: Finding Congruency

Here we are, it is my last post for 2014. I have had a great year, and I hope that you have too. This time of year is a great time for many of us to be in a seemingly perpetual state of holding. Fitness professionals are holding for the big rush of the New Year. Those of us getting ready to make a change in our life in some way are waiting until the first of the year to make that big commitment. We are waiting for Aunt Sally and Uncle Fred to remove their presence from gently intruding on our personal space. We are going to parties-oh, so many parties. We have presents to wrap, children to please-oh-and did I get the mailman a gift card?

I have been seeing many people posting on Facebook what a great year it has been, as they put up their yearend movies. But wait, we still have 10 days left in the year. Is it really time to pack it all up for the year and hold our breath for the symbolic reveal of 2015? Well, I know that is what is mostly going to happen, so I am not going to attempt to rock the boat and make it any different.  The truth is, there are some things in life that we just need to wait until the time is right. In addition, I can relate to conceptualizing the year as a gestalt. What did I do this year-big picture? I can appreciate the symbolism. But my issue is what can we do for the next ten days that will make the most out of the rest of the year, as well as set us up realistically to achieve what we have set out to do in 2015?

Finding Congruency: How to reduce internal conflict, and take action toward your goals.

confusedConflict is inevitable! It is the key to a good plot in a movie, a book and also our lives. We are constantly bombarded by choice. It seems wonderful to have so much to choose from, but when we are interested in focusing on a goal, choices often distract us.

This month, I want to help make the most out of the rest of the year by focusing on getting congruent to take action on your goals when the buzzer sounds January 1, 2015. Ready to play? Let’s do it.

Step One: Write out a few of your goals for 2015. Pick about three main goals for 2015 to focus on. What three things need to happen for you in 2015 in order to consider it a success?

Step Two: What do you need in order to get ready? Equipment, gym membership, food, mental preparations, what specifically do you need? Write it out.

Step Three: What stops you from starting now? This is not a judgment question, rather a question to find out your areas of distraction. What specifically is the incongruence right at this moment in time that prevents you from starting now?

Step Five: What do you value about this goal? How do you know to pick this specific goal, and what makes it important for you to commit much of 2015 to this pursuit?

Step Six: What need is this goal meeting for you? What will having this goal really do for you? For example, if you want to compete, what does that do for you?

Step Seven: Imagine yourself on January 1st, getting ready to implement this goal. Really put yourself in that situation. What are your limiting factors that could be issues that would cause you to not follow through with this goal that you have stated that you want?

Step Eight: What has to happen in order for you to be ready to follow through? Make a list of your requirements, both mentally as well as physically, logistically, and realistically.

That’s all there is to it. Hopefully this fun exercise will keep you busy for the next ten days so that you can start 2015 ready to go right from day one.

Thank you for being on my mailing list and for being a part of my life in 2014. I hope that 2015 is really your best year yet.


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