September 2014: Internal Conflict Integration

Conflict is something that we deal with on a day to day basis. We seem to be constantly negotiating with others for what we want in a way that works for everyone. The interesting matter of conflict is that we experience it both externally, as well as internally. Here is a fun exercise to help you decrease your internal conflict.
Conflict Integration Steps

Step 1: Think of an internal conflict you are having. For example, on the one hand I want to do one thing, but on the other hand, I want something else.
Step 2: Get two sheets of paper and write out the two sides of the conflict. Place one sheet in front of you to your left, and the other sheet in front of you, to your right.
Step 3: Step into one side. Think about the conflict from this perspective. What is important to you about this perspective? And when you have ________, what is even more important. Keep asking the same question. And when you have that what is more important. You will soon come to a core state such as self love, oneness, belonging, existing, freedom or something similar.
Step 4: Step into the other side of the conflict and repeat the previous steps.
Step 5: Take a step back and from this vantage point see how each part wants something similar. What is that?
Step 6: As you think about the similarities between each parts, face your hands toward each other and continue to appreciate how they are more similar than different. If it feels right, bring your hands together to complete the integration.

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