Nicole’s Thoughts on The Dieter’s Guide eBook

NicoleI had the pleasure of working with Nancy Georges as I was prepping for a show in 2010 and reading this book made me feel like Nancy was right there with me once again; walking me through the dieting basics and helping me to mentally balance myself and overcome my body image issues.

This book is not only a healthy and detailed guideline for how and what to eat but it challenges us to evaluate ourselves to get to the heart of our goals and body image. The most powerful section to me was the part that asked “do you think it’s possible to be happy and strong and beautiful without having to look a certain way”. What a great question to ask oneself and a great way to delve into yourself and understand your own issues that are holding back positive self thought. When I got to the part that suggested making a list of goals that have nothing to do with looks, it hit home. I struggle with my body image constantly although I am healthier now than I have ever been. But having a book on hand that I can go to and re-read and reinforce the positive thinking and realizations that I have had is so valuable. Many things I read were exactly what I needed to hear, and I’ve done 3 shows! I can imagine how insightful it would be to someone who has never worked with Nancy personally.

This book is motivating and uplifting and I love how it differentiates between lifestyle and diet. Working with Nancy she would always tell me that maintenance CAN be progress and that maintenance IS success. Maintenance is your lifestyle which is something I didn’t understand. I had a hard time coming off contest diets and going into a lifestyle because I felt it was all or nothing as far as food and eating. This book clearly defines the difference, the uses for each and what types of food are needed. I feel like I can turn to this book at any time either before or after a contest to get some refreshers to keep me mentally healthy.

Another thing I enjoyed is how much this book relates to the struggles the majority of women have in comparing themselves to other women and their own body image issues. I feel like this book gave me the tools to work through those issues in a positive and proactive way. If I feel like I’m having a moment of weakness or feeling negative thoughts, I can turn to the book and find the appropriate chapter and feel the motivation wash over me. Reading Nancy’s experiences in print modeling and her suggestion of saying to yourself “I want to look like her but with my structure” really puts body image in perspective. So many times I’ve compared myself to other women whom I will never look like because our genetics are different and I’ve fought many internal battles berating myself that I was a failure because I could never attain a certain look. I have learned that I can’t be someone I’m not. I can’t be 6ft tall no matter how hard I try. But I can look my best for MY body and that’s what this book teaches.

Thank you Nancy for writing a book that felt like it was designed just for me and for the issues I am facing!

Nicole Snell


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