Lisa’s Success Story

The Journey…Believe in the Process…it is it’s Own Reward.
by Lisa Gore

Healthy BodyIn June 2008, I weighed somewhere above 225lb, I wore a size 18-20
but kept thinking that I was a size 10-12. I wore every slimming appliance I could that wouldn’t suffocate me to death when I tried to fit my own clothes closet. Rock Bottom was when my Dad saw a picture of me from a Wedding and thought I was someone else and exclaimed: ‘Wow! She has really gained weight!!’ I said: “Dad that’s me”. He didn’t know what to say. I choked up but didn’t want him to feel bad, I think lightening reality hit me. It was strange, I was successful in my new job as a Nurse Anesthetist, just finished a
stint in the Army, and was home in Missouri and back with family and friends. But in the gym, I needed new passion! How did I get lost under the fat, the goals, the poor nutrition advice and choices I made? I went to a Figure Competition that fall. I kept thinking ‘I can do this! I want to see my muscle like that.’ I knew I was fat but I didn’t care, I just wanted to take the Leap of Faith.  My inspiration was renewed. The image I had in my head of my goals only appeared in magazines, not in my own mirror! I wasn’t sure how I was going to do it, but I knew I decided that it was time.

I heard something that moved me to tears the other night about how to effect huge change in life: you have to give up everything you ever believed in about yourself to reinvent yourself no matter how long the Journey and in between…there’s Nothing.   I remembered that ‘My nothing’ was a constant barrage of haters, including my trainer telling me I couldn’t get there, that I had the wrong body type, no dedication, I couldn’t follow the diet, Blah, Blah, Blah!! It only made me angry and motivated me to show them and
me that I could do it. There were a few supporters at first but most people truly thought once I did a show I would give up. I needed nutrition help desperately!! I contacted Nancy, and in Nov 14 months later I was
down 60lbs. Stepping onto that stage, I was hooked but my daughter wasn’t there, she wasn’t having anything to do with this foreign thing I was doing in a bikini…her 43 yr old Mom was going to embarrass her! She didn’t come for my 2nd show in Oct 2010, again, even though I was ecstatic to have stepped on stage leaner than ever. The judges were even noticing my changes.

2011 has been challenging. I freaked out when I found that I haHealthy Bodyd
hearing and right balance nerve loss from H1N1 and I hadn’t been able to train legs since June due to knee pain. I did get discouraged in July. I thought about quitting for the first time ever. I cried frustrated tears! Nancy helped me to focus beyond my doubts and fears until I came up with the path that worked to get me the leanest ever by October at the Gateway Naturals. I stepped out, posing my smaller booty off and they announced my 110lb total weight loss. I only heard my daughter, Taylor yelling: “Go Mamma!” My daughter’s support meant the world to me! I received my first top 5 placing ever, the judges were giving me nods, smiles and congratulations. I was very misty-eyed. I made it onto that stage with more muscle than I thought, more definition than last year, and a total package that Taylor (my daughter) understands!  I look at pictures now and truly don’t recognize myself at times, one of my friends thought I was putting my Idol’s pictures up as my profile pictures on FB as inspiration, then realized it was me! Those are the true compliments that tell me the journey is past the nothingness.  I recently signed
with the local Toyota/Scion Dealer for sponsorship and will be going to customer appreciation events and was asked to model for a new clothing line from KC called Mpire. I am honored and humbled. These rewards are priceless at my age. Fit-Fabulous and Forty-Something! Believe me, I am proof that life doesn’t end, you have to be honest and face your denial in order to begin the journey to extraordinary! Thank you for reading my story and to Nancy for this feature!


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