June 2013 Newsletter #2: Endurance; Staying The Course

I was having so much fun this month that I neglected to write my Mid-June newsletter. Fortunately, I remembered before our first month of summer is completely behind us. I have a very special topic that I would like to discuss since most of us are highly motivated more easily in the summer months, I think motivation is not as much of an issue as endurance. The reason endurance is so important is obviously because we do not see the fruits of our labor immediately, and we must endure through time to continue on our path until our goals are achieved.

Last newsletter I talked about delaying gratification, and endurance is a bit like delaying gratification but there is more to it.

Endurance involves stamina and focused energy to commit
to a goal and see it through to completion, even if it doesn’t
seem like it is ever really going to happen.

Endurance: Staying The Course

So I am going to start by breaking down what I used in the previous paragraph as a personal definition of endurance (not Webster’s version). I said that endurance incorporates focused energy to commit to a goal and to see it through to completion. That seems simple enough. But let’s break it down further.

Let’s start off with focused energy. What does that mean? In order to be able to focus, we must have something potentially getting in our way. That is a bit pessimistic. But the reality is, things get in our way every day, it is called life. It we didn’t have to work, take care of the house, feed the family, pay bills, and whatever else you have going on in your life, then achieving our goals would be like living in The Biggest Loser house where everyone is dedicated and focused on their goal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. But even in the Biggest Loser house, some people let their minds get in their way, even though they have unlimited resources at their disposal. So now, it may be becoming a bit clearer as to why having focused energy is important. We have to keep our life simplified enough so that it enables the lifestyle we desire. At the same time, to emotionally and psychologically get out of our own way.

The second part of my definition involves being committed to a goal. It is one thing to have a goal, it is quite another to live it day in and day out, doing what it takes to make it happen. The sneaky thing about achieving most goals, as I am sure you have experienced, is that they take longer than we had planned and wished. Knowing this from the get go, allows us to keep moving on in the direction of our commitment and not focus so much on when it will happen.

Which brings me to the final piece; namely, seeing our goal through to completion. If we have the flexibility to modify our date of completion, we will eventually get what we want. Who cares if it is one month, 2 months, or 6 months later? It is better than not getting there at all, don’t you think?

So, in the spirit of many of us having the goal of getting in shape by summer, I have some good news, and some bad news, the bad news is that summer is here! The good news is, that as long as we have the stamina to keep focused and committed energy to our goal, we will see it through to completion.


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