June 2013 Newsletter #1: Tap Into Your Assertive Power

May was a good month. I didn’t lose my protein powder scooper in the blender, I managed not to kill anyone at the gym who was on “my” machine, and my body behaved for the most part, allowing me to do most of my workouts and cardio sessions. I added a Chi massage specialist, acupuncturist and this month I will be adding ART therapy to my arsenal of back pain management.

There are no excuses! We have to figure out a way to achieve our goals that our bodies will approve of and agree with. There is a constant negotiation, between mind and body; listening to the subtle signals can be a full time job. (Although I don’t think that pays much).

Enough about me, let’s talk about you. Since it is June I figured you would be in the midst of either prepping for a show or prepping to kill it on the beach. Whatever your goal is, this month I want to talk about the power of being assertive.

How To Tap Into Your Assertive Power!

Assertiveness is an interesting word. It borders on the line of aggressiveness but it holds back in such way as to be more efficient than aggressiveness. Assertiveness is goal directed. Assertiveness is used to take action on moving us in the direction of our goals with just the right amount of force. When we are assertive we are taking the bull by the horns but not pulling down any innocent bystanders along the way. It takes a disciplined mind and body to tap into the power of assertive thinking. And with a little practice, we can get very good at it. So let’s go on a journey to unlocking your assertive power.

Let’s get this party stated by taking over your internal dialog. An assertive person demands control of their own mind. Recognizing your wimpy thoughts and slapping them silly is the first step to unlocking you assertive power. Don’t take any crap from your own mind. Pull those negative thoughts out like weeds and create a proper working mental canvas for assertive power.
Now that you have a proper canvas to work on, bring your goals to the forefront of your mind and create some exciting internal dialog around your goals. When you think in a negative way about your goal, remove that thought out of your head and bring explosive, powerful, commanding words to the forefront of your mind when thinking about your goals.

Now, you are getting use to this assertive mind a bit, create some mental mantras that you can say to yourself whenever you are engaging in an activity related to your goal. You can repeat these mantras in your head to help facilitate even more assertive power. I like to tap into the words of poets, artists and musicians for some inspiring lyrics, or phrases.

Notice what we have been doing here? It is all about what we are saying to ourselves in our own mind. Where our mind goes, our body follows. So get those thoughts lined up and command your body and mind to obey you to achieve your goals.

Let’s be assertive, not aggressive. Take over your own brain and create the mental living space conducive to goal achievement.


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