April 2013 Newsletter: Gut Check Time

Self Evaluation: Gut Check Time

If you are getting ready for a show in June, July or August, it is gut check time. Time to take a long hard look at the Big Three.

1. Where did you come from?

What was your starting point on your journey? Sometimes we compare ourselves to other people or how we should look when getting ready for a competition. But, our best indicator of if we are on track is to take a look back and see if we are making progress. For starters we want to have a method for measuring progress: pictures, weight, measurements and body fat, are all good ways to check progress. Leaving thing up to just the scale can be emotionally challenging since our weight fluctuates from day to day and sometime week to week we don’t see the numbers we want on the scale. But we should be fitting better in our clothes, getting leaner, tighter and better conditioned.

2. Where are you?

This seems obvious, but in this sport we have to utilize visualization quite a bit so if we are living in our future body sometimes our current body does not get proper evaluation. Have a look, see if you are on schedule for your show. If not, now is a good time to make some adjustments to the training, diet or both.

3. Where are you headed?

I find significant value in visualizing the future. Constructing mental images of where we are going is a valuable tool in helping us achieve our goals. Keep up with those visualizations and stay consistent with the vision in your head you are creating. It is only a matter of time until your reality catches up with your fantasy.

The most important and overlooked factor of competition prep is that we are competing against ourselves and it is very useful to acknowledge our progress at the same time we strive for that stage ready perfect condition. And to appreciate the now, as we lean out and get better and better, it becomes more fun each day living in that contest prep body.


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