February 2013 Newsletter: My Gothic Adventure

If you have been following my newsletters for a few months or more, you may notice a pattern recently. I am on a “fun” kick. I don’t mean to undermine our goals at all. In fact, I am from the philosophy that we can create and achieve goals in many areas of our lives simultaneously and successfully. It takes a bit more skill and time usually but, I appreciate a good balance in life. It is nice to know what you want and at the same time to pursue it with your full heart and yet not have a death grip on it as if to say if things don’t work out exactly as you desire then you will be disappointed, or depressed or worse feel like the outcome is a total failure. Most of us who strive for physique excellence also strive for excellence in other areas. In fact it is easy to use the same strategies for many areas of life.

So, in a continuation of my fun kick. I have to share with you something I did just for the heck of it, for no reason other than the sheer joy of the experience.

Feeling The Music

gothRecently I had the great opportunity to attend a Marilyn Manson concert. And as with my typical fashion, I didn’t just want to go as a lame fan. I wanted to look like I was in the band myself. With the exception, that I have no musical talent whatsoever.

Some things can’t be explained, they have to be experienced. Even though we prepare ourselves for our goals, the experience we can’t really prepare for. We can only estimate that what we want will be an amazing experience but until we are actually in it, we fall short of being able to articulate emotionally a feeling that we will experience sometime in the future. That is exactly how I felt at the concert. As much as I prepared, getting all dressed up, hiring a makeup artist and make sure all my arrangements were taken care of, the experience was so different than what I had planned for.

I had the fortune experience of sitting in the back row, which you would think would be a bad seat right? Not at all. We sat in a booth, and actually I stood up on the booth the entire time and laid my head back on the wall and felt the music vibrate through the wall as it also vibrated through the entire theater. All the while, being able to see the whole room and everyone else’s experience as well. Now and again a body would pop up from the mosh pit, carried along for a while until they were usually gently let down on the floor. I saw front row participants get sprayed with various liquids that I am not sure what they were, but was thankful for not being involved in that action. For Manson fans, the music was amazing, the performance stellar, and when it was all over, I just wanted to redo it again.

Experience is what makes life fulfilling and what brings our goals and dreams and plans to life. As much as we prepare for our goals, we never know what the experience will be until we are actually in it.

And what I learned from my gothic adventure, is to let go, let loose, enjoy life and watch your dreams unfold. And sometimes we need to just sit back and feel the music.


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