February 2013 Newsletter #1: Making The Most of Your Personality

With the 2013 competition season starting very soon, I want to talk this month about making the most of this season by not only figuring out how long you need to prepare for competition but also by figuring out what time of year is best for you to compete based on your personal preferences and life circumstances.

It is of course important to chart our progress, take measurements, pictures, weigh our food, put our meal plan on the fridge, and break out the motivational photos, but it is of equal importance to understand your own personal life cycle and plan your competition prep around the time of year that will encourage the most successful prep.

Making The Most Of Your Personality

Have you ever caught yourself saying to someone: “I am just not myself today?” If so then you understand the power of your own personality. For better or for worse we all have our own little ways that we like to do things. Some of us are organized freaks and others love to leave a mess before we leave for work. Some of us love to workout in the morning, for others there is nothing better than a midnight run to the gym.

Understanding your own personality and preferences can be a strong key to your success. Instead of trying to force yourself to wake up early or squeeze in a workout during your lunch break, think about your natural rhythms and what your own personal preferences are for you.

This includes competition. I think it is valuable to think about your life patterns and really be realistic about what time of year is busy for you and what time of year you seem to have less projects, whether it is work related or your kids and their sports or something else altogether. Understanding your own annual patterns is a helpful way of accessing the best time of year to compete.

Nowadays we have competitions every month of the year, so it makes no sense to try to squeeze your schedule in with an upcoming event if you know that it does not match your own annual rhythms.

With the 2013 competition season ahead of us, I know many of us are looking at our calendars trying to figure out how long it is going to take to shed that extra few pounds of winter coat.

I propose that in addition to thinking about how long it will take to get into contest condition is to think about other factors in your life that will make the process easiest for you. Just like some of us are morning people and some are night people, some of us thrive competing in the spring, others more in the summer, and yet others in the fall. Being cognizant of other factors going on in your life and choosing a time that competing will be an easier part of your life, will make the process that much more enjoyable and successful.

Here’s to the 2013 competition season!


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