September 2012 Newsletter #1: Getting The Positive Energy Moving

Getting The Positive Energy Moving

We may be able to attribute the positive energy around the time of our birthday by the fact that we are receiving well wishes, presents and planning birthday events. These things all make us feel uplifted and increase our positive energy.

So, how can we use this energy in our favor and create a positive environment on purpose, without relying on outside forces to make us feel good? What I am talking about is creating a positive environment in which our goals can thrive.

We all know that in order to create a positive environment for our goals to thrive we need to be around positive people, but doesn’t that include ourselves? How can we be ready to receive positive flowing energy in our lives?

Here is a quick and easy 5 ways to get the positive energy flowing without it being your birthday.

1. Go to sleep in a good mood: One of the best ways to assure you will wake up in a good mood and have momentum for positive energy in your life is to go to bed in a good mood. There are many ways you can do this. I like to think about my day and what the best parts of my day were. You may like prayer, or some way of releasing negative emotions such as meditation or hypnotherapy, whatever works for you, going to bed in a good mood is helpful.

2. Wake up thinking about what good things you will create for the day: Another one of my favorites is to visualize my day and to sculpt it right from my bed, how I want it to be. Then I hop out of bed with energy and enthusiasm.

3. Look for things that make you laugh and feel good: I love funny jokes, reading a great book, working out, playing with my nieces. Whatever makes you feel good, actively seek it out on purpose.

4. Ritualistic cleaning: I LOVE ritualistic cleaning. The thought process during the cleaning is something to the effect of “cleaning out the clutter in my mind”. There is of course an aesthetic benefit which is having a new beautiful space to look at and that always makes us feel good.

5. Look for the positive in the people around you, even if it is not really presenting itself at the moment: This one is not as easy but may actually have the most profound effect. Since we can’t change people’s behavior, we can focus on them at their best, even if they are not currently behaving to our benefit.

Once we have that positive energy flowing we have created momentum for even more positive things to come. And now we are ready to kick our fitness goals into high gear.


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