September 2011 Newsletter: Raising The Bar

Last month we covered the topic of taking a vacation. I hope that you enjoyed it because this month we are going to turn the tables 360 degrees.

It is good to take a rest, take some time for self reflection, or just to let loose and enjoy things that you have been neglecting because of working so hard.

But this month I want to talk about raising the bar. It is very easy when we are surrounded by people every day that have different values than we do and sometimes that rubs off on us. I am not saying that one value is better than another but if you value staying in great shape and going to the gym every day, the influence of being around slackers can rub off on you and maybe affect your personal integrity for your own values and goals.

So this month, we are going to do a little self check to make sure we are holding ourselves accountable to what is really important to us, regardless of the social influences around us.


This month we are going to raise the bar. I am going to be short and to the point, for the simple fact that just after reading the opening sentence you know already if you are holding yourself accountable to your own standards. You know if you are focused and motivated and you know if you have been slacking.

The challenge with holding ourselves to the standards that we have is that often times they are not the standards of others. Let’s face it, we are social beings. We are influenced by our family, co-workers, friends and frienimies. When they influence us, we start to do things like rationalize in our heads. “It’s ok, so and so eats bad and they look ok”. or even a comment that we are too committed or dedicated or missing out on life. But we are missing out on the things that we want when we allow others to dictate what we should value.

So I have a very easy assignment for you this month and I am hoping it will get you on track in a heartbeat, that is if you have been slacking a bit yourself.

Write out your goals. What is it that you are striving for. What is it that you are waking up in the morning excited and enthusiastic about? What are you passionate about? Where are you headed?

Now ask yourself, who else in your life is on a similar path? Who else is striving for similar goals as you with the same commitment and passion? These are the people you want to be around.

Now how about this one, are you using anyone as your excuse to keep yourself from the standards you know in your heart are yours? In other words, who is influencing you to hold yourself back and be ok with mediocrity?

We always feel more self confidence, and increased self esteem when we know that we are staying true to our values and goals. Checking in, every once in a while and making sure we are on track is a great idea that will help make our goals tangible.


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