Do I Deserve It?

Do I deserve it? Often we say we want something, then we pull back. We flinch away from it. There is this dance we do, of thinking we deserve it, then don’t deserve it. We are not really sure. Ambivalence, then causes it to take longer because we are half in, and half out, instead of all in. When we are half in, then we say, see, I knew it wasn’t coming. But, when we are all in, the arrival of our vision, our dream, our desire, becomes irrelevant. We have so much fun opening up to it, that as we move towards it, if feels like it has already arrived.

What can you do today, to release incongruency? How can you allow in what you tell yourself you want? How can you open up to it fully and allow it to come to you?

You deserve everything you desire. You are meant to make what is in your heart a reality. When it feels big, get support, but don’t flinch away from it. It is yours, receive the dream, then do the work to make it happen.

Time for Some Self-Love

Self-love is something I think we can never get enough of. When do we really look at ourselves without judgement of what we have accomplished and just be present and accepting of who we are, as enough, right in this moment? My thought was, probably not enough. So, today, look at yourself with love. Know that you are perfect right now in this moment. Nothing needs to happen, you are ok, just as you are.


The Power of Cooperation

Even as we compete, we long for connection. We want to win and at the same time, we want someone to share that with. An athlete in flow really wants to be at their best, and for their competitor to be at their best, and to dance with each other in a healthy expression of the power of the human heart. We put obstacles in our own way, for the purpose of overcoming them. But when we overcome them, what we really want, is someone sitting on the sidelines saying, “Good job” Never underestimate the power of human connection. Without each other there would be no competition.

Female model with muscular body

Portrait of sensual young woman wearing sports bra looking down while standing on black background. Female model with muscular body.

Visualization Exercise to Increase Motivation to Achieve Fitness Goals

This visualization exercise to increase motivation includes the goal setting segment. easy visualization exercise to help increase your motivation to achieve your goals. I made the mental exercise as vague as possible to be for any event, competition, wedding, photo shoot, important business meeting, vacation, you fill in the good stuff, I guide you on the journey.

Download the worksheet:
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Follow Your Inner Voice

There is a knowing that we all have of what is good and right and true for us. When we move from our center, our dance is just a little different. It is a challenge and yet, it feels so easy. Accomplishing difficult tasks that are lined up with our values becomes seemingly effortless. When we listen to the beat of our own heart, we can feel the rhythm of the dance that is uniquely our own.


You Deserve all the Happiness You Decide to Have

I woke up this morning, and I decided to feel good. I have no reason other than I want it. My goals and dreams are out in front of me, waiting for me to fulfill them, yet, I decided that I don’t need them to get here in order to feel good. I feel good now. Why? Because I said so! Sometimes we can do ourselves some good to lighten up, on the way to achieving our goals and realize, how great life is right now, in this moment. This moment will never happen again in life. These are the good old days. I feel grateful for everyone and everything in my life, just as it is.


Mental Exercise for Nutrition Compliance

New PodBean episode: Mental Exercise for nutrition compliance for figure, bikini, physique athletes pre-contest dieting. AreĀ  you ready to kick those cupcakes to the curb? Contest prep isn’t for everyone, that is for sure, but sometimes we all need a little help sticking to the plan. Do you have trigger foods that you can’t seem to stop eating? Then this mental exercise is for you. Train your brain to stick to the plan!


Focus on A Winning Performance

When we focus on what we can control, our behaviors every day, we get to win, over and over again. Make every movement a meditation in appreciation of your ability to participate in the sport you love. Some people say they don’t have time for mindfulness. You can make every movement you do grounded in the present moment. Moving in appreciation for this moment, helps us to feel more alive, more connection, and more happiness every day. When we move this way, a win on the day of the show is like one flower in an entire meadow.



Values in Athletic Expression

What are your values? How can you incorporate those values into your athletic expression? Do you have a conscious understanding of who you are becoming through athletic pursuit? Sport is a physical expression. It solidifies our identity into the fiber of what we call our bodies. How can your sport be a demonstration of what you value?